Palliative care

Palliative Care is not a one fits all service and here at Euroa Health Inc we assist to provide the care for anyone with a life limiting illness or terminal illness regardless of their age and condition to make the best treatment decisions to during this difficult time.

Palliative Care also assists those people around the patient when they most need it and can include:

  • treatment to relieve pain and other symptoms
  • aids to help someone at home
  • help with washing, dressing and eating
  • links and referrals to services such as home help, financial support and respite care
  • cultural support
  • emotional, social and spiritual support
  • counselling and grief support
  • practical and emotional support for families and carers

Our commitment to Palliative Care at Euroa Health Inc is so important that in 2020/21 through our Membership program we raised funds to purchase a cuddle bed.

A cuddle bed enables a greater closeness for patients and their families so rather than standing or sitting on a chair and being limited to handholding, loved ones can now sit or lay on the bed. This is a fantastic innovation for Euroa Health and seeing individuals going through their end-of-life journey surrounded by grandchildren sitting alongside them is a very precious moment.

We recognise the opportunity for touch and holding is really special and families who have used the bed say it has given them immense comfort. A cuddle bed is not simply wider than a standard hospital bed, it has high-tech features such as electronic controls, increased weight capacity and ergonomic positioning for the patient to reduce the need for physical repositioning with the ability to adjust the bed’s weight and height.

When delivering Palliative Care we want you the family to be included in the care team supporting you to be with your family member. We achieve this by ensuring that patients and families are included in decision making.