Planned aged care respite is provided to people who have been assessed as needing support in activities of daily living and in maintenance of function.

To be eligible for admission, the following criteria applies:

  1. The person must be medically stable
  2. The Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) must have assessed the person as requiring respite. This includes the completion by ACAS of a current aged care application and approval form.
  3. People eligible for these beds must not have received more than a total of sixty-three (63) days respite care within the current financial year in any planned respite facility.

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Eligible clients are provided accommodation in our aged care residential facility in a hostel setting. Residents have access to recreational and diversional therapy and where possible can have continued access to any existing day care and social programs to minimise disruption to their lives. Qualified staff provide nursing care.

Eligibility for admission as a respite client is determined via the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS); usually (but not always) arranged via your General Practitioner. We need to be provided with documentation from ACAS before we can confirm your bed. Enquiries regarding admission or care is available on request or you can click here to download more information

A laundry service is provided inclusive in the fee. Delicates and woollens however, are not treated kindly by our industrial machines and we recommend they are not brought into the facility.