In line with our vision, we want to be a valued and trusted leader for health in our community.

We will achieve this by empowering and supporting our workforce to deliver high-quality and accessible care and services.

Over the next five years (2021-2025), Euroa Health will need to respond and adapt to our community’s changing needs, to new technology and trends in healthcare. These outcomes provide a framework for the goals we set and actions we will take over the next five years.

Our vision, mission, outcomes, goals and actions have been developed in consultation with our staff, Board and Executive Team, external partners, GraniteHill residents and their families and our wonderful community.

Outcome 1

A valued and trusted leader for health in our community. We know we have achieved this outcome when:

  • Our community tells us we are doing the right things
  • Our community is aware of who we are and our services
  • Our community feel better informed about their health and wellbeing
  • The family and friends of those receiving our care feel supported
  • Our membership and volunteer programs have grown and evolved

Outcome 2

Accessible, high-quality care and services for everyone. We know we have achieved this outcome when:

  • We are a valued provider of clinical care using benchmarking and consumer feedback to measure our success
  • We provide more services locally
  • We are constantly listening and using what we hear to get better at what we do
  • Our community and consumers have positive experiences receiving our services and care
  • Our residents genuinely feel empowered and at home at GraniteHill
  • Our health service is busy with high occupancy and usage of our services

Outcome 3

An empowered and supported workforce. We know we have achieved this outcome when:

  • Our staff feel supported
  • We have the technology and tools to do our jobs and collaborate and connect with our staff, consumers and community
  • Our staff can access bespoke and exciting professional development and career pathways
  • Our staff are confident, empowered and actively champion new ideas and activities that improve our organisation
  • We are a workplace of choice and attract and retain skilled staff

Outcome 4

An organisation that foresees and adapts to changes within our community. We know we have achieved this outcome when:

  • We are transparent, open and accountable to our staff, consumers and community.
  • New health technologies improve how we care for our community.
  • We are actively planning for the future.
  • We have a range of strong partnerships that benefit our staff, consumers and community.
  • We are financially sustainable and have robust governance and oversight arrangements.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

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